Dental Myths & the REAL Truth

Two cartoon teeth holding signs with the words facts and dental myths.

We are all guilty of listening to old wives tales about things, including our teeth. Here are some common Dental Myths and the real truth behind them.

If my teeth look great and they don’t hurt, they must be healthy.

We always tell our patients that when it hurts, it’s too late. Prevention is key when it comes to your oral health. Many conditions can linger in the mouth and not cause any trouble, then the tooth nerve is affected and suddenly you are in pain. The key to this is having your regular dental check-ups & cleanings. The dental hygienist can spot problems a lot sooner and we can deal with them before it starts to become painful.

A close up of a person's mouth dispelling a dental myth.

Gum disease and gingivitis are unavoidable.

Gingivitis is your body’s inflammatory response to a bacterial infection. This inflammation can present as bleeding gums when you  you floss and/or brush and your gums bleed. It is avoidable by practicing good home care – brushing and flossing everyday. Most people think it is normal for your gums to bleed, so we like to ask them this: “If your ear bled every time you used a Q-Tip, would you call the doctor?”. The answer is usually a big “yes”.

Bad breath is caused by poor brushing.

The short answer to this myth is: true but not always. It is a fact that not brushing or flossing will cause bad breath, however, sometimes bad breath can be caused by a systemic condition.

A tooth will dissolve in soda overnight.

This is definitely a myth. Leaving a tooth in Coca-Cola overnight will not cause it to dissolve. However, soda drinks and energy drinks are acidic and will lower the pH of the mouth. This can cause enamel to become softened, in turn leaving you more susceptible to tooth decay. When it comes to soda, just remember one word: moderation.

A close up of a person's mouth debunking dental myths.

More sugar means more tooth decay.

We all know that sugar causes tooth decay, but it isn’t the amount of sugar that increases your chances of getting cavities. It is actually the amount of time that sugar spends on your teeth causing the enamel to demineralize by the acid. This is why dentists usually prefer that patients don’t eat chewy candy that can stick in your tooth grooves and cause cavities.

Dentures improve a person’s diet.

If a denture doesn’t fit well, then you are going to be forced to eat soft foods because they are easier to chew. This usually causes people to make poorer diet choices rather than eating a healthy balanced diet. This is why people who keep their teeth, live an average of 10 years more than people without teeth. It all comes down to being able to eat nutritious food. This is why Dr. Sims and Dr. Urquhart fight so hard to help people keep their teeth and avoid dentures.


That’s it for dental myths for today. If you have any questions, or any myths you would like an answer to please let us know! You can check a list of our dental services we offer!

Dr Christopher Sims

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