Health Benefits of Xylitol

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What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener that looks and taste like sugar. Xylitol has a delicious, sweet taste, and no unpleasant after taste! It is found from most plant materials, including many fruits, vegetables and is extracted from birch wood. As we become more health conscious, people are recognizing that sugar and artificial sweeteners can present serious problems for your body. Over the years, artificial sweeteners have been questioned and linked to everything from neurological disorders to cancer, and more.

Check out some reason why you many want to add xylitol to your diet.

Health benefits of Xylitol

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Dental Benefits
Xylitol has been proven to reduce bacteria from sticking to the teeth. The bacteria in the mouth that is causing cavities are unable to digest xylitol, their growth is greatly reduced. Xylitol is non-fermentable and therefore cannot be converted to acids by oral bacteria, thus it helps to restore a proper alkaline/acid balance in the mouth. This is how it protects the teeth from tooth decay and gum disease. You can find tooth paste, mouth rinses, gum, candies and mints that contain xylitol, which is great for dry mouth because it stimulates salivary flow which makes the pH of the mouth more alkaline.

Nutritional benefits
It contains only 2.4 calories per gram and is slowly absorbed as a complex carbohydrate. Xylitol is low glycemic, meaning it won’t raise your blood sugar levels like regular sugar. Raising our blood sugar levels put tremendous strain on your system, causing negative health effects. Xylitol a great choice for diabetes and can help reduce sugar and carbohydrate cravings assisting in weight loss.

Clearing the nasal passages
Research suggests when infectious germs in the sinuses adhere to mucous membranes and nasal tissues, they can lead to infection and disease. The addition of xylitol to saline nasal spray makes it both harder for many of these invaders to hold on, and for our natural defenses to wash them out.

Preventing Ear infections
Recent studies have found the use of xylitol orally every day, prevented about 40% of ear infections. The effects xylitol has makes it hard for the infection causing bacteria to hold on, and if they can’t hold on they are just washed out.


Xylitol substitutes and options are almost endless. If you’ve never used xylitol, then you are in for a treat, literally! Next time you decide to do some baking try substituting your sugar with Xylitol, yummy treats can be healthy too!!

When purchasing Xylitol look for GMO free. For more information about Xylitol please visit Xylitol Canada.

Dr Christopher Sims

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