The Top 10 Foods for Your Oral Health

One of the most commonly ignored ways of maintaining strong teeth is adopting a mouth-friendly diet. While we are always advised to stay away from overly acidic or sugary foods, there isn’t as much emphasis on what we should eat instead. Foods that Help you Maintain Strong Teeth Kiwi Fruit Kiwis are a vital source … Read more

12 Tips for Better Oral Health for Your Family

Good oral hygiene reduces cavities, keeps bad breath at bay and reduces the risk that you’ll lose teeth or wear dentures later in life. But, good oral hygiene involves far more than brushing your teeth twice daily. Set a goal to maintain the best oral hygiene possible, using the 12 tips below to reach a new level of exceptional oral health.

Give a Little TLC to your Teeth This Valentine’s Day!!

Give a Little TLC to your Teeth This Valentine’s Day!! What could be better than giving yourself a good pampering session, especially if you’re planning a romantic evening? We may spend time shaving or soaking in a lovely bubble bath, enjoying a manicure or pedicure often we forget to spread the love to our teeth … Read more