A bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth that are causing small to large gaps. Dental bridges are just that – a bridge, only made of durable and long-lasting materials that exactly like your natural teeth. A dental bridge will permanently be affixed to your existing natural teeth after they’ve been prepared or to any surrounding dental crowns.

So, if you’ve lost teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease, trauma, or after a root canal, a dental bridge can be a great option to restore the natural function and appearance of your teeth. Your teeth are designed to work together. If you lose one tooth, the teeth on either side of the gap may loosen or begin to lean into the gap. Not only does this change the appearance of your teeth, but it can eventually lead to jaw bone loss and tooth loss.


Preparation for a dental bridge is essentially the same as with a dental crown – the teeth on either side of the dental bridge are reduced in size (also referred to as “filing”) so the bridge will be placed over them like a cap. If your teeth aren’t strong enough to hold the dental bridge in place, dental implant surgery may be required. Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically attached to your jawbone and, once healed, an abutment is attached in order to thoroughly support the bridge.

After the teeth are prepared, a mold is made of your mouth so your custom-made, natural-looking teeth replacement can be crafted. The most popular materials used for both dental crowns and dental bridges are typically porcelain or a combination of metal alloys. And yes, your bridges are colour-matched for a great fit and natural looking smile.

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Located in the heart of Hamilton, Century Stone Dental is our passionate and professional dental team. And as we like to say, behind every great practice is an even better team. Every member here in our Hamilton dental clinic plays a vital role in ensuring you’re well-taken care of, especially when it comes to giving you the smile of your dreams.

We want our patients to feel great, therefore, a dental bridge can be the perfect solution to filling in your missing teeth and saving the surrounding teeth from shifting.


Having a dental crown or bridge to replace your missing teeth doesn't mean you're not prone to experiencing decay or gum disease. Strict oral health regimes are key to ensuring their longevity and overall health of your teeth. In the case you do experience these oral health issues, your dental bridge may fail. This is why we stress the importance of regularly scheduled cleaning appointments. Removing tartar and plaque build-up is extremely important for your natural teeth and around your bridges or crowns. The longer plaque remains on your teeth, the more likely you are of experiencing tooth decay or gum complications which can eventually lead to more missing teeth and a weakened jawbone. Once your jawbone loses its strength, more extensive dental care procedures are needed in order to fully support crowns or bridges such as bone grafting and dental implant surgery.

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If you looking for a new dentist in the Hamilton area to to help you meet your oral health and cosmetic needs, our dental team can assist you. Whether you have one or more missing teeth, we have solutions for you. During your consultation, we’ll examine your mouth and determine the best course of action to take next and create a customized health care plan for you, which may include receiving long-lasting bridges. Dental bridges can help you solve many problems tooth loss has caused, some of which include:

  • Permanently restoring the appearance of your teeth
  • Preventing surrounding teeth from shifting into place
  • Keeping your jawbone from weakening
  • Help to maintain the shape of your face
  • Repairing any speech issues
  • Improving your bite, chew and digestion

Here at our Hamilton office, we offer a few different kinds of bridges depending on your specific situation – traditional, cantilever and Maryland-bonded bridges. As your Hamilton dentist, we will work with you every step of the way!