Teeth Cleaning Hamilton

Routine cleanings and exams help ensure the health of your teeth and gums, through a thorough cleaning of dental surfaces to remove tartar buildup and ensuring your oral health is checked regularly. Studies have shown a connection between regular cleanings and a reduction in the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Book a dental cleaning for you and your family today to stop any potential problems from getting worse. Exams and cleanings are your best steps for improved oral health and cleaner teeth.


Prevention is key to curbing more costly dental problems. Going too long without an examination and cleaning allows problems to go unnoticed until they worsen. A small cavity you have today, although you may not have noticed any symptoms, will not be diagnosed and treated, so it will deteriorate further, eventually leading to oral and dental pain, functional problems, and possibly tooth loss. Also, regular dental cleaning reduces the risk of tooth decay, to prevent issues. It will cost more in the long run to repair the more extensive damage. These bills for serious dental restorative work could have been avoided with preventative, regular visits.

Questions about whether your insurance covers routine examinations and cleanings? Give us a call.

Regular Dental Cleanings Freshens Your Breath And Helps to Avoid Tooth Decay

Bacteria loves to live inside your mouth and around your gums, which can cause halitosis or bad breath. Oral cleanings remove plaque build-up around the teeth where bacteria can hang out, reducing the risk of tooth decay, periodontal disease, as well as bad breath due to oral bacteria. The less build-up on your teeth, the fresher your breath! During dental cleanings, we also coach you on good oral care and hygiene to maintain fresh breath and avoid other concerns.

Consistent Dental Visits Allow for Monitoring of Your Oral Health

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Tartar build-up creates an environment that encourages the bacteria which leads to gum diseases, including periodontal disease. A cleaning by a dental hygienist removes this tartar, or hardened plaque, while the routine exam by your dentist helps catch the early signs and symptoms of gum disease, so proactive steps can be taken to halt the disease. If you notice bleeding gums while brushing, or your gums are tender, swollen or irritated, be sure to come in and see us for a gum disease screening.

Dental Cleaning vs. Dental Exams

A professional teeth cleaning is typically performed by dental hygienists. It includes removing build-up around your teeth and gums, in a process known as dental scaling, and tooth polishing, which can even help remove stains from the tooth surface, for an added bonus of teeth whitening. This professional removal of tartar, which promotes bacteria in the mouth, reduces the risk of gum disease and other illnesses caused by bacteria. Even if you brush well and floss daily, tartar can still form on your teeth, and it can only be removed by professional cleaning. If you put off cleanings because you maintain good dental hygiene and think you do a good job brushing at home, reconsider. It is easy for plaque to form in areas that are hard to reach, especially along the gum line, and then harden into tartar. Also, part of having your teeth cleaned at a dental clinic is a fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel. Since prevention is key to good oral health, schedule to make cleaning a priority!

A dentist performs dental check-ups. Usually, dental exams follow professional teeth cleaning, but not always. The purpose of this is to monitor your oral health, including oral cancer screening, to monitor for a healthy smile. During this visit, the dentist will:

  • Check teeth alignment, usually with an X-ray, and screen for any functional problems you may have like trouble chewing
  • Screen for cavities and other structural tooth problems
  • Check for signs of oral cancer by assessing for sores, discolorations or other symptoms inside your mouth
  • Check your head, neck, and jaw for any abnormalities
  • Screen for other conditions that may be present in your mouth, like vitamin deficiencies, or discoloration of the gums

With our teeth cleaning services in Hamilton, our dental team helps our patients have healthy teeth and gums for life. We are happy to welcome new patients! Many people experience anxiety about having to come in for an appointment.

Hamilton dentist and dental hygienist explaining teeth cleaning procedure to patient


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