Sometimes, even after you’ve had your teeth straightened and whitened, you still might not be satisfied with your smile. If you look in the mirror and notice that your gums are receding or that your gums are taking over your smile, you might be a candidate for gum reshaping in Hamilton.

What Is Gum Reshaping Surgery?

Gum reshaping is a cosmetic dental surgery done to improve the smile's appearance. On rare occasions, this surgery is considered medically necessary but only when there are other periodontal issues. This procedure can be performed by your dentist or by a skilled periodontist.

Simply put, your gums will be reshaped to improve your gum to teeth ratio, giving you a bigger, brighter smile.

What to Expect During a GUM RESHAPING Procedure

Your surgery will be performed at your dentist’s office. The procedure will be reviewed with you from start to finish, so you will know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Typically, you will receive a local anesthetic. Your dentist will then use a laser or a scalpel to perform the procedure depending on the dentist’s preference and how much gum needs to be removed. Most dentists prefer lasers as they cause less pain during the procedure and will lead to a quicker recovery time.

Recovery is generally pretty quick. On the day of the surgery, we recommend that you relax and don’t exert yourself too much. You can take over the counter pain medications if you need to, but avoid anything with aspirin in it as aspirin can cause bleeding. Eat a soft diet for a day or two so your gums have a chance to heal more. Your dentist will provide you with more specific instructions, including when to restart your normal tooth brushing routine, after your surgery is complete.

Why Are My Gums So Prominent?

If your gums are low, it just means that more of the tooth is inside of the gumline. In and of itself, this won’t cause any harm. You’ll still be able to eat and chew, and your tooth and gum health shouldn’t be affected. Low gums are primarily genetic, so there’s a good chance other members of your family have similar concerns.

But when your gums sit low, it makes your teeth look small. Instead of seeing a wide, happy grin when you look in the mirror, you might only see gums and wish you could do something to make your smile a little bigger. If this sounds like you, gum reshaping can offer an ideal solution.

Why Are My Gums So High?

Like gums that are too low, having ones that you feel are too high and make your teeth too prominent could be due to genetics. If your gums used to be fine, but you’ve noticed a change, there may be something more going on. There are a few reasons why this can happen:

  • Gum Recession – If your gums are too high, it could be because of gum recession, which can lead to more dental problems. Gum recession can expose the root of the tooth and lead to decay and tooth loss. It’s also a sign of periodontal disease.
  • Early Gum Disease – Receding gums could indicate that the gums are swelling which is resulting in them pulling back from the teeth.
  • Over Aggressive Brushing – Brushing too hard for too long could cause the gums to swell and recede.
Close-up of dentist inspecting patient's receding gums in gum bone hamilton

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