Sedation Dentistry at Century Stone Dental in Hamilton

Does the thought of seeing a dentist cause anxiety? If so, you're not alone. It's estimated that roughly 15% of the population have anxiety-related dental phobia. This is why our practice offers sedation options and sleep dentistry to ease your nerves, so you can receive the dental care you need in peace. We know that your experience is important and will do everything we can to help it be a relaxing experience and keep you comfortable while under our care. Sedation dentistry is approved by the Canadian Dental Association.

Sedation Dentistry Services

There are different types of conscious sedation treatments available, including IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral sedation. We offer nitrous oxide, IV, and oral sedation. Also referred to as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is an odourless gas that helps your muscles and nerves relax for moderate sedation. You remain awake while receiving the gas through a mask, and once the gas is stopped, there are usually no side effects; any which are experienced are not serious. There is also oral sedation available for mild sedation but it will need to be taken an hour before your dental treatment is to begin.

Is Dental Sedation the Same as General Anaesthesia?

No. With general anaesthesia administered, patients are unconscious. Dental sedation, although often called sleep dentistry, is a form of conscious sedation. You'll still remain awake, and be able to respond to questions, unlike general anesthesia which puts you completely to sleep. There are also little to no side effects associated with laughing gas like with anesthesia.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Feel Like?

We offer nitrous oxide, IV, or laughing gas sedation dentistry with a longer or stressful dental treatment. Any patients that are highly anxious can request it for a procedure. We are also able to use sedation dentistry while performing children's dentistry. You should feel very calm and, as the name suggests, somewhat giddy! Nitrous oxide doesn't impair your ability to think or stay awake, so you'll be fully conscious while receiving the gas. You will be able to answer any questions your dentist asks during the procedure. Some patients feel as if their limbs are “lighter,” while another patient will report feeling “heavier” while under sedation. Some people experience a numb sensation inside the mouth. All these experiences are normal.

Hamilton dentist putting young male patient to sleep


Sedation dentistry is designed to help patients relax during their general cleaning, exam or dental procedure. It helps both those who have a fear of dental visits, but also helps all patients have a more comfortable experience. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your dentist about sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry. There are many reasons patients develop anxiety over dental exams, including the following:

Unpleasant past experience

If patients had an unpleasant experience in the past, it can negatively affect how they view going to dentists in the future. Our dental team at Century Stone Dental in Hamilton will make every effort to reduce your discomfort and anxiety. When you visit our office, we strive to offer you a relaxing experience, so you can receive your oral health treatment in a stress-free environment.

Fear of pain

Fear of pain is a top reason people avoid dentistry in general. Luckily, advancements in techniques and equipment have led to far less discomfort during dental exams and procedures. Sedation works to help reduce your fear by making you feel calmer and more relaxed. We also offer local anaesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort.


Some patients feel anxious about having their teeth examined. Exams also require a certain amount of physical closeness with the hygienist or dentist, which can make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable, so we work with you to feel more relaxed during your treatment. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, let your dentist or one of our other team members know.


The health of your teeth and your well-being are important to us. We aim to provide every patient with enjoyable dental visits and procedures! Do you have questions about our services or wonder whether dental sedation is right for you? Are you interested in sedation for your next dental treatment? Talk to our team at Century Stone Dental today! We will discuss whether you are a good candidate for sedation, and what your options are.

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Explains the different types of conscious sedation treatments available, like IV sedation, nitrous oxide, and oral sedation, and how they help patients relax during dental procedures.

Clarifies the difference between dental sedation and general anesthesia, emphasizing that dental sedation is a form of conscious sedation where the patient remains awake and responsive.

Describes the sensations experienced during nitrous oxide, IV, or laughing gas sedation, including feelings of calmness and slight alterations in limb sensation.

Discusses how sedation dentistry is beneficial for patients with dental anxiety, detailing the approaches used to ensure a comfortable and stress-free dental experience.