Our tongue tie program is geared to all ages. From early detection ,as young as 24 hours of birth to kids ranging 6 years and up and to Adults. We encourage early intervention to help develop proper dental growth and function.

What is tongue tie treatment?

Dr. Sims and his team will do a full assessment and established whether the tissues are tied and in need of release. For babies we offer same day service from the moment we receive your call or referral. For kids and adults we offer a 3 week Myofunctinal therapy program that is combined with the release of the tongue tie. It is very important both in babies, kids and adults that exercises are done to eliminate the re-attachment of the tongue tie. The best part it only takes seconds to release the tied tissues!

Is there a specific type of technology you use?

Dr. Sims after having 4 kids whom were tongue and lip tied has realize the importance of early preventative and has the only Laser around. The CO2 laser which is the most effective when releasing tongue and lip ties as well as having the benefit like less post-operative pain, discomfort , complete reduction of infection, decrease risk of swelling and a lot less bleeding providing a dry site for surgery. This eliminates the need for stitches as the CO2 laser cotorizes the tissue to eliminate bleeding and or need of stitches.


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