How Do Dentists Clean Your Teeth With Braces?

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When patients get braces, they often have a lot of questions as they adjust to life with orthodontics on their teeth – not being able to comfortably eat certain foods (like popcorn or corn on the cob), or having to brush and floss their teeth differently. But they also end up wondering how they’ll get their teeth cleaned by their dentist regularly since metal braces are in the way.

The truth is, orthodontic treatment does not come with special teeth cleaning techniques. In fact, you’ll continue to get your teeth cleaned in the same way that you always have, you just may have to get it done more frequently.

What A Routine Dental Cleaning Entails

Whether you’re wearing braces or not, a dental hygienist (not the dentist) will perform regular cleanings to improve and maintain your oral health.

Here are the steps you can expect during your cleaning appointment:

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Dental Care Should Continue At Home

While getting professional dental cleanings is important, so is continuing at-home care. Daily brushing and flossing are essential whether you have braces or not. You should:

How Often To Visit The Dentist With Braces

Your oral hygiene is of utmost importance, especially when you have braces. Not only will they need to be tightened regularly, but you may need to undergo dental cleaning more often than when you don’t have braces. This is only because it can be more difficult to clean between and under your wires and around your brackets. Professional teeth cleaning can also prevent unsightly white spots and help you achieve the attractive smile (and healthy smile) you’ve always wanted.

By scheduling regular dental visits and following the advice of your dentist and orthodontist, you can ensure your oral hygiene is never compromised.

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Need To Book A Cleaning Appointment?

Our dentists in Hamilton, Ontario help patients of all ages improve and try to help maintain their oral health. We provide orthodontic treatment to patients wanting to straighten their smiles by our general dentists, close gaps in their teeth, and align their jaws. We can also book you in for a regular dental cleaning according to your schedule.

Whether you’re interested in braces or any of our other services, call our dental office to book an appointment. We look forward to seeing you and ensuring your visit is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
How Do Dentists Clean Your Teeth With Braces? 1

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